So many thoughts... so many opinions.

This is a site about attainable luxuries, whether that be through affordable things you can buy, helpful things you can use, or important things you should know. The first post lays out the thinking behind the rest of the site.

About me: Hello! My name is Paul Brenner. I earned a PhD in plasma physics studying under the mighty Thomas Pedersen, after that I survived my time in big corporate, and ... honestly if you want more of that kind of detail then LinkedIn has plenty of it. After I finished the most excellent and well respected Insight Data Science program, I scored a similarly excellent and well respected Data Science job in the NYC tech scene.  So I do that now.

Message me on twitter and I promise to listen to anything you have to say. Send me an email if you find typos. Actually, send me an email for pretty much any reason and I'll be happy. Comments, corrections, compliments, complaints... Contradictions? Comics? Cats? Sure. Send all of those