A glorious shoe horn


Not every wonderful product needs to be complicated. As proof, I present to you the shoe horn: a device that every modern reasonable human is convinced is useless. This is going to be shocking, but, they aren’t. Shoe horns are excellent at getting your shoes on and you put shoes on A LOT. Like EVERY DAY. And the rule here is that anything you do often might be an opportunity to add some delight to you life. As such, I present to you an excellent shoe horn.

I already talked up this shoe horn once before (and I need to try using block quotes) so I’ll present below my original review of this fine piece of metal.

Face it, if you are looking at silver plated shoe horns on amazon than you basically have already self selected to the point that you should just click buy now. This is the shoe horn you want. Trust me. If you weren’t looking for a really nice shoe horn, would you really be spending time searching amazon for one?

At the price this silver plated beauty is a steal. It probably costs 4x more than the stainless steel type but it is easily 10x better. Yes, both get your foot into a shoe, but I just love using this one. Every morning when I put my shoes on I feel like a rich person and think “damn, shoe horns can’t really get much better than this, if the queen needed a shoe horn, I could hand her this one and feel pretty good about it”. I bring it with me when I travel for work even though a small plastic shoe horn would be lighter in my carry on. I never regret it. Buy it. Feel like a rich person.

I’m a sucker for attainable luxuries. This Kingsley shoe horn delivers with a good weight, solid feel in the hand, and nice shape so that your foot and shoe are happy. Oh and good silvery appearance. Who is Kingsley anyway, I’m going to finish this review and see if they make anything else that I want.

One final picture included here to show the shoe horn in action[1]… I guess in case someone doesn’t believe that this shoe horn actually works?

  1. Of course, this isn’t really how you use a shoe horn… who shoe horns a shoe tree into a shoe?  ↩